Sunday, June 9, 2013


To the Doctor who gave me 10 minutes after his Monday evening shift, and laughed at me after I asked him "Did you just make that illness up?" You made my Tuesday morning, an extra special one. The sun shone brightly; to my left, to my right, to the road ahead and the path I left behind.

To the panel of women who gave a total of 3 hours to approximately 2000 other women - you made me realise how much I absolutely love food. 30 minutes in all I could think about was what kinds of food I'd happily devour. You inspired me and taught me I have the ability to concentrate and dream about my lifetime goals and think about food all at once. I truly am a multi-tasker.

To the waiter who gave me first dibs and always came to me first with the horderves and constantly kept my wine glass filled just because I said "thank you". You made my tummy smile.

To the cab driver who couldn't be bothered to take me to an ATM, your lack of greed, abundance of kindness, and lack of interest in your job gave me the CHEAPEST cab journey ever. £3.10... Plus a £8 receipt for travel expenses. Unrequested, but I'll have £5 left for you at the front desk.

The art of SMS.

Dad your constant chatter.

Mum your warm hugs.

To the fat joke that dried the tears, and allowed two sisters to laugh together again.

To the rain that fell when I needed it to.

A minchin who gives me joy.

Naked Men in Marble Arch. Gross. You shouldn't be on this list, but you made me giggle.

To the man in starbucks who allowed his partner to sit there and listen to him talk to his friends on the phone during an argument they were having. You're a dick. But I know I will never settle, the way she said she could, for a man who uses his power to keep her heart. Nor will I eavesdrop.

My best friend. She's golden. She can dry my tears from the words "Awh sis"

To my BFF who never fails to take the time to send me love. Even when he's on his first vacation since ages. Your happiness is contagious.


The Floacist, Raheem De Vaughn - Start Again. Big in so many ways.... <3

A heart filled with gratitude will take you far. That's why, and how, I know I am more than OK.

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  1. Because gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, it is only fair that we return that gratitude -- so THANK YOU! xx